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5 Easy Steps to Writing a Business Plan

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❶How to sell home and office systems Another time features expensive systems such as kitchens, heating systems, car maintenance kits, and so on.

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There are templates for both of them on the web. Also, you can attend pitches at cowork spaces and hackathlons to get examples. The other thing is that before you present a pitch to an angel network, you generally need a nomination and whoever nominates your startup will help you fix the pitch. If you are trying to get a bank loan, then banks just care about certain quantifiable metrics.

How much is the value of the property which is the security for the loan, what is the annual turnover. Do not use the same pitch decks you use to get government funding from Science Park and Cyberport for investors. Also do not use the same pitch decks you use for getting customers. I can always tell when someone comes out of Science Park or Cyberport although Cyberport is getting better because they have a 12 page pitch deck that never explains how much money they plan to make.

Getting money from a funder is relatively easy i. Getting a government grant requires some doing some bizarre and non-obvious things, and so there are services that specialize in that. This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page.

Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Ask New Question Sign In. Is there a business plan writing service in Hong Kong? Run your entire business with Zoho One. Reach customers, grow sales, balance your books and work in collaboration from any device. Sign Up at zoho. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future.

No because writing a business plan in Hong Kong is a waste of time. But use numbering when information is sequential. If you are using a numbered list to structure an article eg, 5 ways to develop your charm , put the number in the title or deck first paragraph or summary … this will pique the interest of readers, grabbing their attention and compelling them to read your document to find out.

But be cautious not to overuse bullet points and numbered lists. Page after page of bullets and numbers become monotonous and many readers will skip them, rather than reading them closely. Another tip on structure… material that interrupts the flow of your document, such as checklists and long fill-in forms, is best put in an appendix in most cases.

Being consistent means always using correct grammar… and being consistent in how you spell words and in your writing style, as well as the symbols, nomenclature, units of measurement and so on you use. If your grammar is weak, brush it up. Grammatical errors can put readers off and lead them to doubt your knowledge of your subject matter. So have your writing checked by someone you trust and, if necessary, take a revision course on grammar.

After you have finished the first draft of what you are writing, use your spell-checker to search for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Above all, check that all subjects and verbs are in agreement and make sure your use of pronouns is correct. Use your spell-checker to get rid of all typos typing errors. Style refers to your use of type font and size, bold, italics, underlining, indenting, and highlighting. You need to make sure that these are all used in the same way throughout a document.

For example, if your titles are in point bold flush left and your subheads are in point centred, make sure you use this scheme consistently throughout the document. I can think of at least five situations in which features should be as prominent as benefits in your sales copy or, indeed, should top the bill in your copy… for example, when selling: Copy whose purpose is to sell equipment should stress both features and benefits in equal measure.

Note also that copy that fails to highlight all the key features of a piece of equipment can cost you sales. All I want is information that would help me in my accountancy practice.

But if I want to buy a particular piece of equipment, such as a piece of office furniture, the sales copy, once it has mentioned the benefits, must list complete specifications so I can make an informed decision whether to buy. For example, if the copy relates to furniture being sold on mail order, it should show complete dimensions… otherwise how could I know whether it will fit in my living room or whatever space I expect it to fill?

Benefits may generate an initial interest in a physical product… but your copy must also show how it works and what it can do. Leaving out a particular feature can mean that you fail to convert the initial interest into a sale. Another time features expensive systems such as kitchens, heating systems, car maintenance kits, and so on. For example, if a person were thinking of having a new oil-fired central heating system installed in his or her home they would be likely to concentrate on the technical features of the various systems available in their local market.

In this kind of situation, your copy would have to explain key technical features, such as installation costs, running costs, warranties and so on, to build consumer confidence in the performance of the product and the reliability of the manufacturer and the installer. These features and technical specifications would be the key ingredient of successful copy. Detailed features are absolutely necessary to persuade potential buyers of home and office systems to buy your product.

The copy you write to address experts in a particular field is usually very different compared to the usual business-to-consumer writing. If you sales copy is directed at home owners, you should highlight benefits such as reductions in fuel bills, how your house will be made warmer with fewer draughts, the effects of insulating the attic floor rather than the roof and so on.

But if your copy is directed at building contractors and installers of insulation systems you would ignore all these benefits. Contractors are already fully aware of them. They are only interested in whether your products are what they need to do a good job and turn a decent profit… features like types of materials, installation techniques, prices and volume discounts, and so on, ie the knowledge they need to make an informed decision about your insulation products.

Treat experts as experts and just give them the information they need to make informed decisions about your products or services.

It is a truism to say it … people who buy from your copywriting clients are not interested in your clients or their products or services per se. What they are really concerned about is what those products or services can do for them … the benefits they will derive from using them.

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Writing a business plan is the basic element of any business, whether large or small in Hong Kong. A business plan acts as a map, guide book or navigator for one’s business goals. A business plan acts as a map, guide book or navigator for one’s business goals.

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